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New legislation has revoked fees for an Employment Tribunal, heralding the return of spurious claims against an employer. Call us on 01483 200999 to talk about any aspect of business investigation or send an email to info@private-detectives.co.uk.

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Employee Investigation


A disgruntled employee may bring an unfounded tribunal against you; more often than not, faced with evidence of their misdoing, most will withdraw the case when it is realised that they have little chance of success. It is our gaining of such evidence that makes this achievable. You may also be faced with an absent employee who feigns sickness, or one who is setting up in competition using your intellectual property or materials. Our investigative work will not only remedy the issue, it may prevent future similar issues occurring


Loyal staff will work for you; others may use your time and resources to their benefit, or someone else's benefit by moonlighting for another employer. We will help you ascertain the real position and provide the evidence needed for you to remedy the matter


A sad issue of life is that, again, while most staff are loyal, some are not, and they will steal from your business. A bitter pill to swallow, such matters can be professionally embarrassing and with our help may be contained within the otrganisation


Using portable crime scene equipment our in-house experts will visit your company and treat impressions from items or take fingerprints from individuals for forensic development and comparison; fingerprint evidence will be 100% conclusive

With over two decades in business we have encountered and resolved delicate problems for personal clients in Surrey and adapt to your needs

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Surrey is one of the prinicipal business strongholds of the UK. Finding a solution to difficult corporate problems is our speciality

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Serving legal papers or providing litigation support for the Family Law and Corporate clients of Legal firms in Surrey


Fingerprinting is one of our in-house specialities, with trained technicians, all members of the Fingerprint Association


You will read about us in the local press hear about us on local radio & watch us on TV - all independent endorsements of our standards

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Whether for commercial or personal reasons, surveillance is conducted legally and discreetly by experienced professionals

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